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Sterna n : a genus of Sterninae [syn: genus Sterna]sternum n : the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs [syn: breastbone] [also: sterna (pl)]sterna See sternum

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  1. Plural of sternum



  1. tern

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Sterna is a genus of terns in the bird family Sternidae. It used to encompass most "white" terns indiscriminately, but mtDNA sequence comparisons have recently determined that this arrangement is paraphyletic (Bridge et al, 2005). It is now restricted to the typical large white terns occurring near-globally in coastal regions.



  • Bridge, E. S.; Jones, A. W. & Baker, A. J. (2005): A phylogenetic framework for the terns (Sternini) inferred from mtDNA sequences: implications for taxonomy and plumage evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 35: 459–469. PDF fulltext.
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